Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blue Felix to tour with Mary Magdalan this Summer!

After signing with Mach 2.8 Entertainment, management company of Sid Wilson, a.k.a DJ Starscream/ #0 of Slipknot fame, and recording their forthcoming new album "Sample of a solution" at Winterland Studios with Wilson on Co-production, Minnesota-based Blue Felix are now set to destroy the stages of North America.

Come this June, Blue Felix will join forces with headliner Mary Magdalan and hostess Metal Sanaz on the System of Freaks tour, starting in Texas, June 04, before making their way towards California by way of NYC, Kansas, Chicago and every state in between, where they will headline some of their own dates. North America will never be the same again!

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  1. I have a question about your ink: Did you get my sleeve done in NZ? Because I live in NZ and want to get a tat but most of the NZ artists aren't that great.. Your sleeve is beautiful though and if you got it done here, then I think that person is the artist for me! :)

  2. Hi Jennylikestorun thanks for the comment! Yes I did get my sleeve done in New Zealand, it was done by the super talented Dean Sacred of Sacred Tattoo on K Rd in Auckland, NZ go look him up :)