Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jimmy Kimmel Jesse James Parody

Well hello my pretties, hasn't it been forever? Worry not, for I'm back and things are bigger than ever. First up for you today though, I have something a little different than my usual death metal deliciousness - a little Jimmy Kimmel Jesse James parody spot - where you can catch a glimpse of yours truly.

Now, you must be caught up by now I'm sure on the whole Jesse James, Sandra Bullock cheating controversy, that's finally given Tiger Woods a breather from his own scandal (dude must be stoked!), but if you're really unaware, basically bad Jesse's been cheating on poor Sandy with all kinds of chicks, the most famous of which is a tattooed model who spilt her story to the gossip rags and that's where the nightmare all started for Mr Monster Garage.

This clip plays on the whole thing. Check it out, watch for me about ten seconds from the end. More metal goodness and adventures all round coming your way soon. Thanks to Jacqueline Tayson for the screencap above!

- Pandie

And P.S: No that's not the real Jesse James!

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