Thursday, October 29, 2009

"God Forbid" interview - Byron Davis talks Wang

Well, well, another prolonged absence from you ended and another long overdue Mayhem Fest interview here for your guilty viewing pleasure. Guilty, you say? Yes guilty.

Because the following video is sure to make you feel a little bad for watching it. Maybe in a good way. Maybe not. Either way, someone's probably going to hell.

I snapped up Byron Davis, lead singer of God Forbid and had a little chat about the band, the tour and of course....WANG. Check it out!


Monday, September 28, 2009

"The Black Dahlia Murder" interview - Deflorate, touring and murder pictures, a discussion with Trevor Strnad

Well Hello there, I bet you thought I'd abandoned you my dear readers, but that is not the case. I have simply been off having adventures untold. But do not fear, for I am back with you, to let the Mayhem begin again, literally.

Back in old San Antonio, TX, in the heat of the day, under the horrible, horrible sun, I was fortunate enough to catch up with Trevor Strnad, vocalist of the brutal Black Dahlia Murder at the Rockstar Mayhem Fest, shortly after their delightfully hot and heavy onstage onslaught of daylit metal mayhem. We talk tour and their sweet new album "Deflorate" until I shock him with a few photos from my homage to the real black dahlia murder of Elizabeth Short.

The sound quality is a slight improvement on our efforts with Corpsegrinder in the update below, but this is Guerrilla-style baby, and when you're in battle you gotta do what you gotta do. Shot by the amazing Regina Perez of course. More exciting interviews and updates coming soon, including an interview with Byron of God Forbid where he was pretty interested in focusing our discussion on the topic of his


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Cannibal Corpse" interview - Headbanging, bats, and beer-spilling with George "Corpsegrinder"

pandie suicide with corpsegrinder

George and I at the Rockstar Mayhem Fest 2009 San Antonio show

Well I thought San Bernadino was bad enough for deadly sun exposure, but the place had NOTHING on texas! i attended two shows there with the rad Regina Perez and Melissa Andra. There were many, many adventures to be had which will all be revealed each delicious detail at a time for your viewing pleasure. But first off I was fortunate enough to score this guerilla interview with George Fisher, lead singer of Cannibal Corpse and all round brutal/awesome guy.
He talks tour, new album, bats and headbanging with me.

And don't you worry next time I'm going to make sure we're as far away from the damn loud Metal Mulisha bus as possible! (haha love you metal mulisha, really!)

Check it out!

Filmed by Regina Perez

More videos, interviews, photos and everything in between coming soon - Black Dahlia Murder, God Forbid, Metal Mulisha and me ;)

Plus one photo for good measure because I think Regina and I look damn hot in that late afternoon San Antonio sun haha.



Did you go to Rockstar Mayhem Fest 2009?

Myself and Regina snapped by mike D at the San Antonio show, TX for Rockstar

Because I sure did, about 5 times over, and had the adventure of my life. I'm trying to pick a favourite but they were all so fucking awesome, I mean Cannibal Corpse, Slayer, marilyn Manson, the Black Dahlia Murder, Job for A Cowboy, All that Remains, Killswitch Engage, and so much more, how could you not?

I took a lot of photos and met a lot of interesting people out there on the road, as well as scoring interviews with some of the biggest bands in metal today, Cannibal Corpse, God Forbid, The black Dahlia Murder, but what I want to hear is your stories and what I want to see is your photos. So leave me a comment with your pics and stories about the rockstar Mayhem Fest 2009. What were your favourite bands? Who did you meet? How drunk did you get? How far did you have to travel? How goddamn hot was it??

My Cannibal Corpse interview up later tonight, so check back soon!



Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Coatl" - Girl Fronted Goth/Metal


Coatl ( are a girl-fronted goth/metal influenced band from Gardena, California. Their music is flavoured with their Mexican homeland and dark, eerie soundscapes mixed with heavy metal guitars and strong female vocals.
A while back I got the chance to sit down and talk to these guys (and girls) about all things Coatl. It was my very first interview for the almighty, check it out:

coatl interview 6

Working hard.

coatl and pandie

Joining the band haha

coatl pandie and tfg

Along with TFG


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Michael Jackson and Metal: An interview with "Death Watch"

One of the questions people of the future are sure to ask is this: Where were you the day that Michael Jackson died? The answer to this particular question for myself was this: at the bank doing some deals, when all of a sudden my cellphone went crazy with text messages and twitters and myspaces and whatnot to the tune of omg did you hear Michael Jackson just died?! My first thought was, wait what, wasn't it Farrah Fawcet that died today? Could these people somehow have confused MJ with Farrah?

Do they think she's the same person?

Mais Non, a few seconds later I look up at the television screen conveniently placed near the counter at the bank. It is going crazy with "Michael Jackson in hospital", "Michael Jackson dies" and various other confused and other contradictory headlines and scrolling info bars.

The bank is suddenly all afflutter with OMG MJ IS DEAD conversations, it doesn't make sense.
I have this strange suspicion it's all a hoax, some April fool's prank gone wrong, or worse it's deliberate and the prince of pop has eaborately and effectively, staged his own death!!!
I think I must be in shock. Anyway I get out of there quick (I never really liked banks anyway) and several hours later I find myself in the studios interviewing San Bernadino's Death Watch (

Of course Michael Jackson comes up in the interview.

And of course it's probably not a good idea that it gets captured on camera and preserved on the internet for you and all those people of the future who a) like metal videos and b) want to know where you were when Michael Jackson died, to check out and watch over and over and over.

Forgive them....

I think they're drunk.

The band do have two vocalists though, you can't beat that. It's like a double dose of what's good for you. They bring the heavy. Despite everything, I just can't help but love them. Check out this interview, performance and permanent time capsule for people of the future featuring the talkative, the brutal, the fucking awesome...DEATH WATCH!



Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rockstar Mayhem Fest Adventure Special Part 1: San BURNadino

The beginning of our Rockstar Mayhem fest 2009 adventures took place in sweltering San Bernadino on July 12 with it being a reported 110 degrees, and that's before even stepping into the pit! Sunburn abounded but this did not discourage the teeming black-clad masses from coming to enjoy a day of complete and utter metal fucking mayhem.

The line-up included:

Marilyn Manson
Killswitch Engage

The Black Dahlia Murder
Cannibal Corpse
Job For A Cowboy
All that Remains
God Forbid

Highlight # 1:

The Slayer Pit

The Slayer moshpit was insane! As darkness was just beginning to fall and Slayer stepped out onto the stage under a haze of crimson-devil lights and smoke, out of nowhere the entire crowd, no make that the entire stadium at Glen Helen Pavillion, surged forward, running, jumping over each other, fighting for access to the pit. Which was in many cases...DENIED!! haha

Entry to the pit was granted only to those with pit tickets, if you had no yellow "pit" wristband, then it was no pit for you baby (Luckily we did not have this problem). This left many disgruntled, amped up, ready for a fight in the pit, fans "homeless" and watching from behind pit lines, watching enviously the brutalizing going on in the pit to the sweet, soothing sounds of the almighty SLAYER.

Slayer: Photo by Regina Perez (my partner in crime)

Us trying to steal some shade in the Hollywood music Tv booth haha

Dino Cazares (Fear Factory, Divine Heresy, Asesino etc)and wife jennifer snapped by Regina Perez during Dino's signing.

Maniaco was there, and we just had to pose with him. It was something that had to be done!

We ran into Meegs. And of course more posing ensued.

More sweet guerrilla journalism, updates, photos and mayhem adventures coming soon



Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Jekyl" - The Irish Iron Maiden

Jekyl ( are five lads from Ireland who fuse influences from their homeland with a dose of rock n roll and an 80's metal vibe reminiscent of Iron Maiden, complete with soaring vocals, and slick guitar solos.

Sound like something you'd want to subject yourself to? Well lucky for us here in LA, Jekyl are freshly relocated here, and tearing up a storm ith their shows all over Cali (more details on their myspace!) This band is fun to watch, recently they played mainstage at the "Flashrock of July" show, hosted by myself, the lovely Brittanica, TFG and Tony Rockhorror.

Videos from this show will be up soon but for now, here's Jekyl, other bands, hosts, and myself piled up on stage to pose

Even more recently, my partner in crime Regina Perez, (you can see her guest-hosting on the metal scene tv show) and I also ran into some of the lads from Jekyl in VIP at the San Berdadino Rockstar Mayhem fest.

More on mayhem fest to come in my multiple part mayhem fest special!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hardcore Metallers "Behind the Silence" break it down

Behind the Silence ( are a hardcore/ death metal (and dare I say it...metalcore...haha) influenced band from Los Angeles, California. Actually the influences they cite are pretty diverse to say the least, from the Mars Volta and experimental music on one end of the spectrum to bands like Suicide Silence, Comeback Kid, and the Black Dahlia Murder and everything in between.

Being that I like all things heavy, watching these guys throwdown and cause some sonic chaos for your viewing pleasure was a real treat!

If you haven't already seen it (this video is all over the web seriously!It's had almost 20,000 views on flashrock alone!) check out my interview with Behind the Silence, and watch them break it fucking down.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

LA will Kill You!!! - Black Dahlia set on Suicidegirls


New set shot by the super-talented Fractal Suicide (check out her blog about it here for more pix and more info), with special-effects make up by Kiki Marie who is a master at dismembering, disfiguring and strangely enough...making pretty!(Dismembered make up).

It was inspired by the unsolved murder of Elizabeth Short, who was gruesomely bisected here in Los Angeles, creepy! Right now it is in member review, so check it out if you have an SG account or join here if you think it might be fun! (trust me it will be!).

The Hollywood museum of death actually has a great exhibit on the murder with all sorts of gory crime-scene photos as you can see here. Enjoy!
xo Pandie

Horror Punks "The Order of the Fly"

The Order of the Fly ( are a hororr punk outfit from San Bernadino, California. They have fun songs with titles like "Rot", "Lambs in the Abattoir", and "Eaters of the Dead" (hot!), a sexy goth/scary skeleton-faced aesthetic and a sick sense of humour. I fucking love them!

A few weeks ago, in the hot, sweaty studios of I was fortunate enough to get (and survive!) an interview with the band. Believe me, it did smell like someone had been eating the dead in there that day! Check out the order of the fly rocking their shit, followed by a tell-all interview where we discuss masks, make up, dressing up in womens' clothing and of course...the secret location of the nexus of the order of the fly...Enjoy!

It was a joy to finally interview someone paler than me!