Sunday, July 26, 2009

LA will Kill You!!! - Black Dahlia set on Suicidegirls


New set shot by the super-talented Fractal Suicide (check out her blog about it here for more pix and more info), with special-effects make up by Kiki Marie who is a master at dismembering, disfiguring and strangely enough...making pretty!(Dismembered make up).

It was inspired by the unsolved murder of Elizabeth Short, who was gruesomely bisected here in Los Angeles, creepy! Right now it is in member review, so check it out if you have an SG account or join here if you think it might be fun! (trust me it will be!).

The Hollywood museum of death actually has a great exhibit on the murder with all sorts of gory crime-scene photos as you can see here. Enjoy!
xo Pandie

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