Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Jekyl" - The Irish Iron Maiden

Jekyl (myspace.com/jekylonline) are five lads from Ireland who fuse influences from their homeland with a dose of rock n roll and an 80's metal vibe reminiscent of Iron Maiden, complete with soaring vocals, and slick guitar solos.

Sound like something you'd want to subject yourself to? Well lucky for us here in LA, Jekyl are freshly relocated here, and tearing up a storm ith their shows all over Cali (more details on their myspace!) This band is fun to watch, recently they played mainstage at the Flashrock.com "Flashrock of July" show, hosted by myself, the lovely Brittanica, TFG and Tony Rockhorror.

Videos from this show will be up soon but for now, here's Jekyl, other bands, hosts, and myself piled up on stage to pose

Even more recently, my partner in crime Regina Perez, (you can see her guest-hosting on the metal scene tv show) and I also ran into some of the lads from Jekyl in VIP at the San Berdadino Rockstar Mayhem fest.

More on mayhem fest to come in my multiple part mayhem fest special!


  1. Hehe!! So cool!! We visited 3 states for Mayhem Fest-one more to go!!

  2. Maybe two! You took fantastic pictures by the way!! you're my star photographer!!!!!!