Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Andrew W K interview - Andrew turns the-

Why hello there,
Last week, in a crazy, all over the place adventure, I hopped in the car with cameraman Sy, to hoof it down to San Diego to cover the Warped Tour for The adventure continued later in a mad dash back to Hollywood to attend a sold out Black Label Society show at the Roxy where Wylde debuted his brand new album "Order of the Black."

I was a busy little bee, collecting video interviews from various bands, all in all we probably got about ten of them, but what I am about to reveal to you my friends, has to be the piece de resistance for sure. It is an interview with none other than that partying hard, Andrew W K.
This is probably the craziest interview I have ever had the good fortune to conduct. We talk robots, making a new record, digital devices, um...bodily functions?? And the origin of my name,



Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Interview with Eyal Levi for CWG

Eyal Levi is one half of guitar-shredding duo "Levi/Werstler" as well as one fifth of the industrial metal band "Daath." After releasing Levi/Werstler's first epic journey into guitar-driven mayhem and magical-ness, CWG magazine asked if I'd like to interview Eyal, it just took one spin of "Avalanche of Worms" and I knew there was nothing I could say to my editor but yes, yes, yes!

So here it is, for your intellectual pleasure, go check my interview, album review and if you dare, go have a listen yourself. This stuff is nothing short of fucking phenomenal.



Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blue Felix to tour with Mary Magdalan this Summer!

After signing with Mach 2.8 Entertainment, management company of Sid Wilson, a.k.a DJ Starscream/ #0 of Slipknot fame, and recording their forthcoming new album "Sample of a solution" at Winterland Studios with Wilson on Co-production, Minnesota-based Blue Felix are now set to destroy the stages of North America.

Come this June, Blue Felix will join forces with headliner Mary Magdalan and hostess Metal Sanaz on the System of Freaks tour, starting in Texas, June 04, before making their way towards California by way of NYC, Kansas, Chicago and every state in between, where they will headline some of their own dates. North America will never be the same again!

More on these guys coming soon here on
Stay tuned!


For up to date tour schedules check out:
Blue Felix management can be reached at:

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jimmy Kimmel Jesse James Parody

Well hello my pretties, hasn't it been forever? Worry not, for I'm back and things are bigger than ever. First up for you today though, I have something a little different than my usual death metal deliciousness - a little Jimmy Kimmel Jesse James parody spot - where you can catch a glimpse of yours truly.

Now, you must be caught up by now I'm sure on the whole Jesse James, Sandra Bullock cheating controversy, that's finally given Tiger Woods a breather from his own scandal (dude must be stoked!), but if you're really unaware, basically bad Jesse's been cheating on poor Sandy with all kinds of chicks, the most famous of which is a tattooed model who spilt her story to the gossip rags and that's where the nightmare all started for Mr Monster Garage.

This clip plays on the whole thing. Check it out, watch for me about ten seconds from the end. More metal goodness and adventures all round coming your way soon. Thanks to Jacqueline Tayson for the screencap above!

- Pandie

And P.S: No that's not the real Jesse James!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Despised Icon - "Day of Mourning"

Despised Icon are a brutal death-core outfit from exotic Canada who keep it slow and heavy and fucking awesome. You can check out my full-on review of "Day of Mourning", DI's fourth sexy little full-length studio release over here at
You can expect to see more and more from me over there in the All Things Heavy section as I continue my evil plans for 2010's total and complete internet domination worldwide by Pandie.
Any and all comments welcome.
Yes, even hatemail ;)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

"God Forbid" interview - Byron Davis talks Wang

Well, well, another prolonged absence from you ended and another long overdue Mayhem Fest interview here for your guilty viewing pleasure. Guilty, you say? Yes guilty.

Because the following video is sure to make you feel a little bad for watching it. Maybe in a good way. Maybe not. Either way, someone's probably going to hell.

I snapped up Byron Davis, lead singer of God Forbid and had a little chat about the band, the tour and of course....WANG. Check it out!


Monday, September 28, 2009

"The Black Dahlia Murder" interview - Deflorate, touring and murder pictures, a discussion with Trevor Strnad

Well Hello there, I bet you thought I'd abandoned you my dear readers, but that is not the case. I have simply been off having adventures untold. But do not fear, for I am back with you, to let the Mayhem begin again, literally.

Back in old San Antonio, TX, in the heat of the day, under the horrible, horrible sun, I was fortunate enough to catch up with Trevor Strnad, vocalist of the brutal Black Dahlia Murder at the Rockstar Mayhem Fest, shortly after their delightfully hot and heavy onstage onslaught of daylit metal mayhem. We talk tour and their sweet new album "Deflorate" until I shock him with a few photos from my homage to the real black dahlia murder of Elizabeth Short.

The sound quality is a slight improvement on our efforts with Corpsegrinder in the update below, but this is Guerrilla-style baby, and when you're in battle you gotta do what you gotta do. Shot by the amazing Regina Perez of course. More exciting interviews and updates coming soon, including an interview with Byron of God Forbid where he was pretty interested in focusing our discussion on the topic of his