Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rockstar Mayhem Fest Adventure Special Part 1: San BURNadino

The beginning of our Rockstar Mayhem fest 2009 adventures took place in sweltering San Bernadino on July 12 with it being a reported 110 degrees, and that's before even stepping into the pit! Sunburn abounded but this did not discourage the teeming black-clad masses from coming to enjoy a day of complete and utter metal fucking mayhem.

The line-up included:

Marilyn Manson
Killswitch Engage

The Black Dahlia Murder
Cannibal Corpse
Job For A Cowboy
All that Remains
God Forbid

Highlight # 1:

The Slayer Pit

The Slayer moshpit was insane! As darkness was just beginning to fall and Slayer stepped out onto the stage under a haze of crimson-devil lights and smoke, out of nowhere the entire crowd, no make that the entire stadium at Glen Helen Pavillion, surged forward, running, jumping over each other, fighting for access to the pit. Which was in many cases...DENIED!! haha

Entry to the pit was granted only to those with pit tickets, if you had no yellow "pit" wristband, then it was no pit for you baby (Luckily we did not have this problem). This left many disgruntled, amped up, ready for a fight in the pit, fans "homeless" and watching from behind pit lines, watching enviously the brutalizing going on in the pit to the sweet, soothing sounds of the almighty SLAYER.

Slayer: Photo by Regina Perez (my partner in crime)

Us trying to steal some shade in the Hollywood music Tv booth haha

Dino Cazares (Fear Factory, Divine Heresy, Asesino etc)and wife jennifer snapped by Regina Perez during Dino's signing.

Maniaco was there, and we just had to pose with him. It was something that had to be done!

We ran into Meegs. And of course more posing ensued.

More sweet guerrilla journalism, updates, photos and mayhem adventures coming soon



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