Saturday, August 1, 2009

Michael Jackson and Metal: An interview with "Death Watch"

One of the questions people of the future are sure to ask is this: Where were you the day that Michael Jackson died? The answer to this particular question for myself was this: at the bank doing some deals, when all of a sudden my cellphone went crazy with text messages and twitters and myspaces and whatnot to the tune of omg did you hear Michael Jackson just died?! My first thought was, wait what, wasn't it Farrah Fawcet that died today? Could these people somehow have confused MJ with Farrah?

Do they think she's the same person?

Mais Non, a few seconds later I look up at the television screen conveniently placed near the counter at the bank. It is going crazy with "Michael Jackson in hospital", "Michael Jackson dies" and various other confused and other contradictory headlines and scrolling info bars.

The bank is suddenly all afflutter with OMG MJ IS DEAD conversations, it doesn't make sense.
I have this strange suspicion it's all a hoax, some April fool's prank gone wrong, or worse it's deliberate and the prince of pop has eaborately and effectively, staged his own death!!!
I think I must be in shock. Anyway I get out of there quick (I never really liked banks anyway) and several hours later I find myself in the studios interviewing San Bernadino's Death Watch (

Of course Michael Jackson comes up in the interview.

And of course it's probably not a good idea that it gets captured on camera and preserved on the internet for you and all those people of the future who a) like metal videos and b) want to know where you were when Michael Jackson died, to check out and watch over and over and over.

Forgive them....

I think they're drunk.

The band do have two vocalists though, you can't beat that. It's like a double dose of what's good for you. They bring the heavy. Despite everything, I just can't help but love them. Check out this interview, performance and permanent time capsule for people of the future featuring the talkative, the brutal, the fucking awesome...DEATH WATCH!



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