Sunday, July 26, 2009

Horror Punks "The Order of the Fly"

The Order of the Fly ( are a hororr punk outfit from San Bernadino, California. They have fun songs with titles like "Rot", "Lambs in the Abattoir", and "Eaters of the Dead" (hot!), a sexy goth/scary skeleton-faced aesthetic and a sick sense of humour. I fucking love them!

A few weeks ago, in the hot, sweaty studios of I was fortunate enough to get (and survive!) an interview with the band. Believe me, it did smell like someone had been eating the dead in there that day! Check out the order of the fly rocking their shit, followed by a tell-all interview where we discuss masks, make up, dressing up in womens' clothing and of course...the secret location of the nexus of the order of the fly...Enjoy!

It was a joy to finally interview someone paler than me!



  1. This band remind me of the misfits. The girl is scary she looks like a demon

  2. Lol!!!! she does!